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Eskrima Trading offers a variety of Philippine made martial arts equipment of world class quality.

It is our commitment to deliver fast, and give superior value to our customers worldwide with the best prices.

Eskrima Trading puts premium on customer satisfaction.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can be assured of a reliable partner for all your martial arts equipment needs.


  1. Please get in contact with us if you are interested in our products. We will send you the actual pricelist via e-mail in pdf format.
  2. Note that we offer very competitive wholesaler-prices for larger quantities.


  1. Please email us your inquiry (products and quantities) and your contact data at order@eskrimatrading.com.
  2. Ensure that your contact information is complete for purposes of correspondence and calculation of shipment costs.
  3. We will get in touch with you within 2-5 days regarding availability of items, shipment options, payment options and costs.
  4. Important: Please confirm your order, the way of shipment and the way of payment so that we can schedule production of your order.
  5. We will email you an order confirmation including your total order sum, the expected date of delivery and payment details (bank account number or paypal id).


  1. Please remit the payment to us after getting our order confirmation.
  2. For new customers we only deliver on prepayment / cash by order basis. For proved customers we deliver on a downpayment basis.
  3. The following payment options are possible:
    • bank transfer to our dollar or peso account (please note that there is a $6.50 bank service charge from our bank).
    • payment via paypal (please note that there is a charge from paypal between 2% and 3%, depending on country)
    • money transfer via Western Union
  4. All money transaction fees are at the expense of the customer. Nevertheless this is negotiable for high order volumes.
  5. After receipt of payment, a confirmation email will be sent and your orders will be processed for delivery.
  6. Please note that possible additional importing charges may incur from your country (i.e. Value Added Tax and Import Duties). These charges are at customers expense.


  1. Your order will be delivered directly from the Philippines via previous agreed shipment option.
  2. Please advise us if you have any preferred means of delivery or a specific cargo company you would like us to use to send your orders. We recommend air cargo or courier.
  3. Shipment costs depend on destination, total weight and changing security/fuel surcharges. Freight costs are significantly lower (per kg) for shipments that are above 45kgs (air freight). Please contact us for more detailed information and delivery recommendations.
  4. Upon confirmation of payment, orders will be sent according to your request.
  5. Eskrima Trading will not be liable for any damages incurred during or caused by the shipment of the products.
  6. The shipment company manages the requirements and queries on taxes, duties, insurance, etc. and ensures the delivery of goods to the destination address.


  1. Please give us your feedback regarding product quality or the order / payment / delivery process
  2. If you are not satisfied with our products, please advise us. We give you a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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